4 AM

4 AM
by Brian Keene

This brand-new chapbook from best-selling author Brian Keene examines the darkest hour before the dawn with four terrifying tales. In “Something Pretty” a man grants his true love’s request, while simultaneously finding a way to cope with a world grown increasingly insane. Then, in “Keepsakes”, a young boy learns what is most valuable and coveted in a post-apocalyptic landscape. Third is “Fetish”, in which the victim of a broken relationship finds himself haunted by a very different kind of ghost. And finally, “In the Closet”, a prelude to Keene’s forthcoming Labyrinth series, finds the multiverse’s last surviving version of Tony Genova struggling to stay alive — only to learn that his death is just the beginning of the biggest adventure of all.

Featuring story notes by the author detailing the genesis of these previously unpublished or ultra-rare tales, and illustrations by Alex McVey, 4AM is a must have.

4AM — it’s always darkest just before dawn…

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