The Sound of Broken Ribs

The Sound of Broken Ribs
by Edward Lorn

Lei Duncan has it all: the ideal life, the perfect career, a loving husband. What more could someone ask for? It is with this in mind that Lei takes her morning run, oblivious to everything ahead.

Belinda Walsh has lost it all: her home, her husband, her mind. She thought she knew Dan, but one phone call changed all that. Now everything she’s known to be true is a lie. It is with this in mind that she goes looking for something—or someone—to destroy.

When the lives of two strangers intersect, something will be born of the connection. For one of these two souls, the truth of the world will shift and morph into something powerful and dangerous. A darkness of the mind, a tear in sanity.

And something will peek through that darkness, beckoned by the sound of broken ribs.

Publisher’s Note.  This is for the standard, stand-alone edition.  This will start shipping by July.

Thunderstorm will be publishing a deluxe five-book set of all the Bay’s End books starting in the Fall of 2017.

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