Maelstrom 8 Deluxe Box Set

Maelstrom 8 Deluxe Box Set
by Brian Keene, Steven Shrewsbury, and Michael Huyck

The deluxe version will be a slipcased set of books bound in premium material (no dust jackets, artwork will be a frontis sheet), with specialty endsheets, and satin ribbon page markers.  Limited to pre-orders purchased within the first 36 hours of announcement.  Purchasers also will get their names included on a special sheet inside the first book!

These are signed, limited, numbered editions.  No more than 75 copies will be produced.



Bored with retirement, the aging barbarian Rogan — accompanied by his loyal nephew Javan — returns to the land of his birth and encounters enemies both old and new near the great city-state of Nodd. All he wanted was to be left alone, but now Rogan will have to lay siege to the great metropolis, waging war against its bloodthirsty leader, uncovering the sinister plot of an ancient evil, and learning the truth about his god, Wodan.

Thunderstorm Books is proud to present CURSE OF THE BASTARDS — the final book in Steven L. Shrewsbury and Brian Keene’s Bastards Trilogy.
In January 2018, authors Brian Keene and Mary SanGiovanni witnessed a group of unidentified flying objects over their home. That encounter with the unexplained forms the basis for this honest, revealing memoir-styled treatise on faith, religion, the occult, atheism, agnosticism, science, and the supernatural, as Brian Keene takes the reader on a journey through his own belief structure, revealing how it has influenced him as both a person and a writer, impacting everything from his lifestyle choices to the books he’s written. Regardless of your own individual experience, you’ll find yourself pondering THE TRIANGLE OF BELIEF.

Darryl sees dead people and the history all around them. It’s a living that has always come with complications, but now Darryl has become a tool exploited by competing powers from different times, different places, and different realities. The struggle eventually lands him and his friend in the middle of New Orleans and the Robert Charles race riots, where the past they select will decide the future the world gets. This world, anyway.

Thunderstorm Books is proud to present WORLD’S FARE, the debut novel by Michael Huyck.

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