Ugly as Sin

Ugly as Sin
by James Newman

Once upon a time, Nick Bullman was a wrestling superstar. His alter ego, the Widowmaker, was the monster heel all the marks loved to hate.

But then an encounter with two psychotic fans left him horribly disfigured.

These days, Nick lives the life of an average Joe — albeit one who stands seven feet tall, weighs three hundred pounds, and has a face that would make Frankenstein’s Monster soil his boxer-briefs. He avoids mirrors like most people avoid door-to-door evangelists. He’s angry. Alone. And he likes it just fine that way.
. . . until he receives a desperate phone call from a young lady he barely knows. His daughter.

For the first time in over thirty years, Nick returns to his hometown of Midnight, North Carolina. There he will forge new friendships. He will also meet a few folks who wish to put him six feet under. And the enemies who haunt Nick’s old stomping grounds make the crazies who stole his face resemble nothing more dangerous than a chigger bite . . or, at worst, a slight case of the clap.

Like a cross between Darren Aranofsky’s The Wrestler and Joe R. Lansdale’s popular Hap n’ Leonard series, Ugly As Sin is the first in a series of “white-trash noir” adventures featuring a protagonist who, while hideous on the outside, is trying to find something good inside of himself if only the “pretty people” would let him.

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