King of the Bastards

This set includes:

1. Apocrypha by Brian Keene

A true must-have for any Brian Keene collector, APOCRYPHA goes deep inside the author's vaults and archives, revealing for the first time anywhere a plethora of rare and never-before-published material, including rare stories, excerpts from early and unpublished novels, alternate chapters and excised material from published novels, early journalism, material from cancelled projects, and much more. There's even a section collecting formative writing from Keene's early teenage years. Be it the original, unpublished ending to THE RISING or his pitch for the TERMINATOR series, this book is a gold-mine of rarities and oddities sure to satisfy even the most hardcore Brian Keene fan. This book will never be reprinted, so don't miss your chance to peek inside the vault before the doors close forever!

2. King of the Bastards by Steven Shrewsbury and Brian Keene

Rogan has been many things in his life as an adventurer — a barbarian, a thief, a buccaneer, a rogue, a lover, a reaver, and most recently, a king. Now, this prehistoric bane of wizards and tyrants finds himself without a kingdom, lost in a terrifying new world, and fighting for his life against pirates, zombies, and the demonic entity known as Meeble. And even if he defeats his foes, Rogan must still find a way to return home, regain his throne, save his loved ones, and remind everyone why he's the KING OF THE BASTARDS.

3. Hag by John Goodrich

All David wanted was to rest and get better. He moved from Vermont to Boston to beat his cancer. Even before the boxes are unpacked, he and his best friend Sam notice an eerie presence in his new apartment building. The emaciated haunt is a roiling storm of fury with black iron claws and jagged metal teeth. She attacks David without reason or pity, and just when he thinks he knows her limits, she tears through them. HAG is a dark, brooding novel set in a blighted personal landscape. A story of deathless rage and enduring hatred.

Maelstrom V 3-book set
Limited to 260 sets, $135

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