Another Ghost: A Poltergeist Press and Thunderstorm Books lettered creation

Posted by Thunderstorm Books on October 31, 2019

Poltergeist Press and Thunderstorm Books are proud to present Another Ghost—a new creation for the horror genre. Another Ghost will specialize in signed limited editions, typically 26 copies, lettered A to Z.  The books will be produced in upgraded bonded leather boards, with gold stamping on the front, spine, and back.  Also included will be specialty endsheets, and a satin ribbon page marker.  

Another Ghost will feature books by some of today’s best horror authors.

Our first two productions are A Penny For Your Thoughts by Robert Ford and Matt Hayward, and A Place For Sinners by Aaron Dries. Buyers who purchase these two releases will get matching letters and will have the first rights to future Another Ghost titles. This is a perfect time to get on the ground floor of a new press. The books should sell out quickly, so act fast.

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by Robert Ford & Matt Hayward

26 Copies, $99

Fresh from a stretch in prison, Joe Openshaw is living at home with his father and trying to get his life together again. He has let go of old habits, especially the ones that turned him into an addict and helped land him in prison.

On a hike along the Lowback Trail, Joe stumbles on one of the town’s oldest secrets—buried long ago, if not forgotten.

It’s an unusual but safe enough treasure—a jar of old pennies. What interests Joe isn’t the pennies themselves, but the pieces of paper taped to every coin—a child’s handwritten wish on each one.

When the first few wishes come true, they are simple things. Fun. Harmless.

Except as time goes on, Joe realizes they aren’t really wishes at all…they’re exchanges, and the bill was racking up.

Nothing is free in life.

Sooner or later, you always pay.

by Aaron Dries

26 copies, $99

Sometimes, survival is a sin.

Amity Collins, a 20-year-old deaf woman, and her gay brother Caleb, have lived a sheltered life since the death of their father thirteen years ago, a day of gunshots and wild dogs. Now the time has come to escape their mother’s hoarded home in Australia, and a history of trauma they haven’t been able to reconcile–until now. Their adventure abroad isn’t just wanted. It’s essential. With flights booked, they leave their claustrophobic town behind, nervous yet hopeful.

The Collins siblings backpack through the jungles of Thailand, drink and dance in Bangkok, accumulating friends. There is laughter, budding love, delicious risk. Amity has never felt more awed. Or alive.
Everything changes when they purchase boat tickets to a tourist trap the locals call Bastard Island. ‘Discover paradise, ‘ the advertisement reads. ‘Come and feed the monkeys!’

But there on that remote beach, surrounded by people Amity doesn’t know or trust, the trees twitch as though impatient or hungry. From within those shadows, savagery is about to be unleashed.
The tide of teeth is near. Those sands will run red. And on Bastard Island, even survival is a sin.

A Place for Sinners is a surreal, ultra-violent odyssey into the absolute heart of darkness in us all. It will snatch you by the throat, blindside you with its twists, and leave you too broken to ever travel again.