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by Bryan Smith

Only 56 copies!

An omnibus edition of Kayla and the Devil, Kayla Undead, and Wicked Kayla.


College student Kayla Monroe seems to have everything. Stunning looks, smarts, and loads of money thanks to her privileged upbringing. But something’s gone wrong. Ever since the start of her sophomore year, people have been avoiding her. Her friends shun her. Guys no longer flock to her. Even her former stalker, an awkward geek, now wants nothing to do with her.

She is on the brink of utter despair when she encounters a young man in the park. The man is charming and movie star handsome. Kayla thinks maybe her luck has taken a turn for the better. But she couldn’t be more wrong. Because this man is the Devil. Capital D definitely intended. The ultimate embodiment of evil. And he has something to tell Kayla.

Kayla hasn’t always been the nicest girl in the world. At times she has been downright mean. She’s grown past that, but now her past has come back to haunt her. Someone wants revenge. Bad enough to engage the services of the devil. But the tables have turned again and the devil now has his own deal to offer Kayla.

He can end her suffering. End the shunning spell. But only at a very high price. And Kayla must decide whether she has it within herself to surrender her soul and commit an act so heinous it will damn her forever.


For some, death may only be the beginning…

College sophomore Kayla Monroe has survived harrowing close encounters with Jack the Ripper, Elizabeth Bathory, and the devil himself. With those ordeals only weeks behind her, she is forced to weigh making a decision that could alter the course of her life forever and make it impossible to ever reclaim her place in the “normal” world she once inhabited. After a horrifying encounter with old acquaintances looking to settle a vendetta, Kayla finds herself drawn ever more deeply into the intrigues and conspiracies of the supernatural underworld. A haunted world where death may only be the beginning of an even more desperate struggle.


Six years after making her deal with the devil, things aren’t going so well for Kayla Monroe. Her life is in a seemingly irreversible downward spiral. She’s been kicked out of school. She’s drinking too much. All her old friends have abandoned her. Not even the devil wants anything to do with her anymore. That all changes on Halloween night, when she comes up with a desperate, last-ditch plan to pull herself back from the brink of total oblivion. A plan that will mean getting more than a little…wicked.

BONUS CONTENT: The Kayla sequels that never were. Partial manuscripts of followup Kayla stories that were never finished. An extra 23,000 words of content. This material differs drastically from what appears in Wicked Kayla.

by Chad Lutzke

Only 55 copies!

As beautiful as the night can be, it often plays a role in something more foreboding, supplying the catalyst for things both terrifying and imaginative. Utilizing this hallowed time of day, author Chad Lutzke offers 24 short stories, with creature features, sleep deprivation, hiding the undead, revenge, cannibalism, morbid habits, and executions of karma being just a handful of the themes covered in this book. Read on and discover what the mind produces when using the night as a catalyst.



by Jonathan Janz

Only 3 copies left.  Print run of only 40 copies for the Nightmare Alley version of this book.

A meek man enters a spooky theater for all-night horror movie triple bill. An unscrupulous contractor messes with the wrong family. A single mother discovers a bizarre link between her son and an unspeakable Lovecraftian horror. A con artist posing as an outcast from an Amish church gets more than he bargained for in the Indiana forest. And a college professor eager to make money by solving a decades-old cannibal atrocity learns the true meaning of terror in the Great Smoky Mountains.

In this collection of rarely-collected nightmares, you’ll find tales of suspense, dread, and madness.

It’s time to take a journey to Jonathan Janz’s Shadow Side.