#2 Jonathan Janz Shadow Side Wolf Land Annnouncement

I have had the pleasure of producing the Jonathan Janz Shadow Side series of books over the last couple of years. Jonathan’s imprint is going to total 11 books for the complete set. Four were completed in 2016. Four were completed in 2017. And now the last three are all in various stages of production and will be completed in early 2018.

The 9th book of the Shadow Side Series is WOLF LAND. This will be the first book released by Thunderstorm in 2018 and it should start shipping before the end of the month!

Click on the image below to pre-order your copy today!

#1 Clickers Forever update

I figured the best update to kick off 2018 would be for Clickers Forever.  This sold out book is now at the printer.  The signature sheets, totaling 40 signatures across 5 different sheets illustrated by Chris Enterline, all finally made it back to me before the holidays. This was a long process that started way back in July.  Specialty endsheets have been selected and ordered.  Now it just boils down to waiting for the books to be printed, bound, and delivered.  This will end up being Thunderstorm’s most ambitious project to-date…maybe even ever.  Below is the fabulous cover artwork by Dave Kendall.  Hannah Gonzalez provided the interior artwork…you’ll have to wait for the book to arrive in order to check those out.

Clickers Forever is expected to ship in February.

Here is the official book description:

Few Millennium-era horror authors left as big an imprint on the genre as J.F. Gonzalez. CLICKERS FOREVER: A TRIBUTE TO J.F. GONZALEZ celebrates his rich legacy, featuring some of horror’s biggest names alongside tomorrow’s stars in a massive career-spanning tribute. Featuring stories set in Gonzalez’s literary worlds of CLICKERS, SURVIVOR, PRIMITIVE, and RESTORE FROM BACK-UP; examinations of his creative process and the lasting impact of his seminal works; personal tributes and anecdotes from those who knew him best; and much more. A must-have for fans of J.F. Gonzalez and horror fiction. Includes exclusive content available only in this edition.

The Authors: J.F. Gonzalez, Brian Keene, Jonathan Maberry, Mary SanGiovanni, David J. Schow, John Skipp, Jeff Strand, Weston Ochse, Wayne Allen Sallee, Kelli Owen, Nick Mamatas, Wrath James White, Jonathan Janz, Robert Swartwood, Kristopher Rufty, Adam Cesare, Gene O’Neill, John Urbancik, Gord Rollo, Gabino Iglesias, Monica O’Rourke, Mike Oliveri, Matt Hayward, Robert Ford, Mike Lombardo, Jeff Burk, Lesley Conner, Matt Serafini, Stephen Kozeniewski, Michael T. Huyck, Jay Wilburn, Geoff Cooper, Charles Rutledge, Wesley Southard, Kyle Lybeck, Amber Fallon, Dave Thomas, and Wile E. Young.

This edition is: oversized 7×10, over 450 pages, bound in bonded leather with specialty endsheets and a full color dust-jacket, and signed by 40 contributors.

Each week I will post a brief production status, a book announcement, or some general news.  Next Sunday’s newsletter will feature a new book announcement!  See you next week.

#0: Weekly Newsletter

Hey all,

This newsletter has been pretty much dormant for the last six months or so and I have decided to breathe some life back into it.  Over the last couple of years my book announcement method has been (for the most part) to wait until the book is actually in-stock and shipping before officially putting it up online for the general public to see (usually via twitter and usually multiple books at a time, as they are sent to me in batches).  2017 was a successful, productive year for Thunderstorm.  It is difficult to break the “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” rule, and I can still see some advantages for continuing with this old routine.


I want to give each book its own announcement where it alone has the spotlight.  I want to give each author a definite/unchanging announcement date.  I want book collectors to see examples of the stuff we are creating, even if sell outs are immediate.  In essence, I want to do better.  I want to be better.


Once a week something will be posted.  Many times it will be a new book announcement (the goal being very short preorder periods).  Sometimes is will be a production update.  Or maybe a general announcement about something new and upcoming.  Each post will be short and to the point.

I hope 2018 is going to be a good year for all of us… the authors, the artists, the designers, the editors, the book collectors, and the book publishers.

See you next week.


Screaming Cacti Magazine

In-stock and shipping!

11 stories (9 new short stories and 2 reprinted classic novellas), 11 short interviews with the authors. Over 80 thousand words!

James Newman, Sisters of Slaughter, Wrath James White, Mary SanGiovanni, Patrick Lacey, Amber Fallon, Adam Cesare, Donna Lynch, Bracken MacLeod, Kristin Dearborn, and Kristopher Rufty.

Thunderstorm Books Vacation

Thunderstorm Books will be on vacation for three weeks from Monday, July 10th through Monday, July 31st.

The last day to order any in-stock books and have them ship this month is Sunday, July 9th.  Titles in-stock can be found here: Most of these titles are down to the last couple of copies.

This vacation will not affect books being released in August and September.  A little bit of shuffling had to occur, but the August titles are at the printer.  These will be announced upon my return. And the September titles are in process.  These are set up to be completed without production delays.

Unlike previous “breaks” and “vacations”, I will have virtually no access to emails, twitter or other social media, or even my website during these three weeks.  I am going to go cold turkey and stay away from the internet.   If you try and reach me during this time, there is a high probability I won’t respond until August 1st.  However, please note, I will respond to everything as soon as I am back.