#12. Special Saturday Post. New Brian Keene title only available Sat and Sun

by Brian Keene

In this new expanded, revised edition of WHITE FIRE, a devastating new sickness sweeps the land, but is it biological or supernatural in nature? One person races against time to discover the truth, facing off against a foe who may not be human. Previously out of print and never before available as a stand-alone, this new edition of WHITE FIRE has been revised and expanded, and is considered the Author’s Preferred Version.

A couple of notes about this edition:

  1. Although this is part of Thunderstorm’s Black Voltage line, this work is novella length and comes in at 118 oversized pages.  I.e., it is slimmer than a typical BV book.
  2. The pre-order period for this title is 48 hours long.  It will be available for pre-order 5:30 pm AZ time on Friday 3/30 and be sold out 5:30 pm AZ time on Sunday 4/1.
  3.  Given the short pre-order window and details of this edition, it has the potential to be one of the rarest Brian Keene limiteds.  The limitation will be set based on the number of pre-orders in the ordering window.
  4. The book is expected to ship late May/early June.
  5. The default shipping method for US customers is media mail, which typically has a one to three week delivery time.  If you would like to choose a different shipping method, please email me directly at to make special arrangements.



#11. New Book up for pre-order. Sick House by Jeff Strand (BV#85)

This one is sure to sell out lightning fast.  Do not delay in getting your order placed.  Only 64 copies.

by Jeff Strand

It’s a home invasion from beyond the grave in this novel of unrelenting terror from the Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of PRESSURE, DWELLER, and WOLF HUNT.

It doesn’t seem like the perfect house, but screw it, it’s good enough to rent for a year. Unfortunately for Boyd, Adeline, and their two young daughters, it’s immediately clear that they chose the wrong place.

The nightmare begins with violent coughs and headaches. Food starts to rot almost as soon as they take it inside. A pet tarantula goes missing. Some family members begin to exhibit creepy behavior.

Then the ghosts arrive, and all Hell breaks loose…

#10 New Book up for Pre-order. Plaything by Brandon Ford (BV#84)

When the Toller family moves in to the run-down house next door, Bailey McDaniel immediately notices strange behavior in the clan’s eldest son Glen. The pale-skinned, ginger-haired fifteen-year-old is aloof, prone to unforeseeable mood swings, and carries a morbid interest in the macabre. His bookshelves are lined with an array of well-worn true crime paperbacks depicting the serial and mass murders committed by a multitude of convicted madmen. It is Bailey’s overbearing mother and devoted therapist who insist that a friendship with the boy next door is worth pursuing, seeing that Bailey spent much of the past year in self-imposed isolation.

Reluctantly, Bailey heeds their advice and a friendship between he and Glen quickly materializes. It is, however, a friendship Bailey will grow to regret. As the layers peel away one by one, Bailey comes to find that Glen’s interests and obsessions are far more sinister thanstudying the brutal acts of those less than human and his fantasies are much darker than Bailey could’ve ever imagined. It is these fantasies that lead to the abduction of a pretty high school senior and a series of grisly murders that leave a small middle-American town bathed in blood.

Plaything is a relentlessly brutal story that plows through barriers never meant to be crossed, a nightmare that will leave readers clutching the novel with an incomparable fear, and waiting with baited breath until its savage conclusion.

52 copies, $85.  Order today by clicking on the above image.

Upcoming newsletter announcements:

Next week (3/25):  Jeff Strand’s limited edition of his latest novel, Sick House, goes up for preorder.

In two weeks (3/31):  A surprise Brian Keene book goes up.  This will only be available for two days, so be sure to tune in.  Print run finalized and the book sold out by 4/1/18.

In three weeks (4/8):  Limited edition of Monsters/Animals by JF Gonzalez and Wrath James White should be available for preorder.

#9 Shadow Side Series by Jonathan Janz Concludes


Working with Jonathan on these books has been an honor and privilege. Jonathan is a class act. Today, I am announcing the last book in this set, Tales from the Shadow Side.  I have loved making these books over the past three years.    I hope you all have enjoyed collecting them.  I look forward to new projects with Jonathan in the years to come.

Although technically a pre-order, Tales from the Shadow Side should be in-stock and shipping by the end of the week.

The Complete Jonathan Janz Shadow Side Set consists of these eleven volumes:

2016: The Sorrows, House of Skin, Castle of Sorrows, Children of the Dark

2017: Savage Species, The Nightmare Girl, Dust Devils, The Darkest Lullaby

2018: Wolf Land, Exorcist Falls, Tales from the Shadow Side


The incredible eleven-book Shadow Side Series comes to a close in grand style, featuring a collection of rare and never-before-published material. Included in this volume are the novellas OLD ORDER, THE CLEARING OF TRAVIS COBLE, A SOUTHERN EVENING, WITCHING HOUR THEATRE, and other short works. And as an added bonus, the volume will contain never-before-seen chapters from Jonathan’s early, unpublished suspense novel GARDEN OF SNAKES.

TALES FROM THE SHADOW SIDE showcases the rarest Jonathan Janz stories yet and a fitting end to the Thunderstorm Books Shadow Side Series.



#8 New book up for preorder. Hollow House by Greg Chapman (BV#83)


No one in Willow Street pays it any notice, not the disgruntled Campbell family next door, not Alice Cowley and her suicidal daughter, or Mr. and Mrs. Markham down the road. Not even Darryl, the loner at number seventy, who is abnormal himself, thinks much about it. It is just the old Kemper House, forgotten and abandoned.

Until it makes itself known.

When the stench of death wafts from Kemper House through Willow Street, and comes to the attention of recent resident and newspaper reporter, Ben Traynor, it starts a chain of horrors that brings Kemper House’s curse into their own homes and leads others direct to its door. Kemper House not only haunts its neighbours, it infects them with an evil that traverses time and reality itself.


“A truly disturbing tale of horror and twisted minds. If you live on the same street as Hollow House – MOVE!” -Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Ghostwalkers and Patient Zero

“The real hauntings in Greg Chapman’s compelling, unnerving Hollow House don’t happen in the title structure, but in the finely-observed families surrounding it. This unusual, sometimes horrifying and sometimes tragic tale may well make you look at your own neighborhood in a whole new (dark) light. Highly recommended!” – Lisa Morton, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Castle of Los Angeles

“With his debut novel, Greg Chapman takes the standard haunted house trope and puts it through a bloody ringer. Hollow House, an engrossing yet horrifying tale about that nondescript, near-to-condemned house-next-door we have all encountered at some point in our lives, joyfully reeks of the dark memories of Poe and Lovecraft. A first-rate thriller, don’t read this one alone, or in the deep of night, because that creak you hear might be more than just the old bones of your house settling. Yes, it might be much more.” – Brian W. Matthews, author of Forever Man, Revelation, and The Conveyance

“Hollow House is a taut, unnerving and often heartbreaking look at the horrors that surround us and the madness within. Chapman turns a familiar suburban neighbourhood into a living nightmare and paints a very bleak portrait of human behaviour. A chilling debut novel.” – Brett McBean, author of The Mother, Wolf Creek: Desolation Game, and The Invasion

“As pure a slice of American Gothic as you will ever find, with Robert Bloch and Stephen King never far away.” – Glam Adelaide Magazine

“Hollow House is much more than a simple haunted house story…this is a dark and gruesome tale, with an ever-increasing creep factor.” – Frank Michaels Errington, Horrible Book Reviews

“Hollow House is Chapman’s first novel. It promises much, and it delivers on its promises. Traditional yet unconventional, familiar in details yet eerily different and twisted, it does something entirely different with the Bad House…and makes it much Worse.” – Collings Notes

“Chapman’s story has moments of pure body horror countered by unnerving elements of psychological thriller and the occasional whispers of Lovecraftian horrors from beyond the stars.” – Horror Novel Reviews

“Hollow House, by Greg Chapman is a haunted house story on steroids. This is the first story I’ve read where the house haunts the whole neighborhood and it was this concept that made the story original. I’ve read a lot from Greg Chapman and was really looking forward to this book and it didn’t disappoint.” – Horror Addicts

“Hollow House packs a rather dark punch with a very different take on the classic haunted house tale.” – THE HORROR FICTION REVIEW