New Western in stock! Walk the Darkness Down by John Boden

by John Boden

Somethings are older than time. Older than darkness.
-Levi is a monsterous man–made of scars and scary as hell, he’s glutted on ghosts and evolving to carry
out the dark wishes of the ancient whispers in his head. He’s building a door and what’s on the other
side is terrifying.
-Jones spent a lot of time living bottle to bottle and trying to erase things. Now he’s looking for the man
who killed his mother and maybe a little bit of looking or himself as well.
-Keaton is on the run from accusations as well as himself, he suffers alone until he meets Jubal, an
orphaned boy with his little sisters in a sling.
-Every line is not a straight line and everything must converge. A parable writ in dust and blood on
warped barn wood. A journey in the classic sense, populated with dried husks of towns…and people
both odd and anything but ordinary.
Hornets, reverse-werewolves and one of the most vicious villains you’ll ever know are all part of it.
Pull on your boots and saddle up, we’ll Walk The Darkness Down.

“With Walk The Darkness Down, Boden turns his potent blend of lyrical yet-hard bitten prose loose on
the legendary landscape of the Old West. By turns poignant, terrifying and mythic, the story is infused
with a melancholic, blue collar fatalism and shot through with jet-black lines of violence and nihilism.
And yet, there is hope here as well as love–tiny points of light that seek to defy the dark and cold. It’s an
accomplished, powerful and moving piece of work and should cement Boden’s deserved reputation as a
storyteller of considerable talent–and one with a voice to kill for.” –Kit Power, Author
of GodBomb! and A Warning

“Boden presents unique, otherworldy visuals and characters in this Wizard Of Oz-esque,
Tolkienish adventure that feels more like Lansdale meets 80’s Body Horror meets Gunsmoke.” –
-Chad Lutzke, Author of Skullface Boy, The Same Deep Water As You

More Sick Stuff by Ronald Kelly up for Pre-order!


by Ronald Kelly

PRE-ORDERS will be from 1/6/19 to 2/23/19.  The print run will be based on the number of pre-orders.

The book is expected to start shipping in APRIL 2019.


In the foul and fetid darkness, it awakens.

Vile, unstable, brimming with ill intent, like pus on the verge of eruption. Repulsive to gaze upon and even more disturbing to comprehend. It reaches out and discovers that the other – its twin – has abandoned this cancerous womb long ago. Angry and alone, it thrashes violently, tearing, clawing its way from dormancy into daylight… and onto the dark playground of your bookshelf.

A decade following the birth of The Sick Stuff, an even larger and loathsome sibling emerges from the Thunderstorm press; anxious to share its horrors, eager to cut deeply and expose the raw nerves of fright and revulsion. More Sick Stuff offers ten abhorrent tales to tantalize and torture the fragile psyche; to cause the stomach to revolt and gooseflesh to crawl as though something, visceral and alive, lurks just beneath the surface…

Brian Knight and Somer Canon wrap up 2018 for Thunderstorm Books

Shipping December 2018.

4 New Books Shipping Soon! Tim Curran, Stephen Kozeniewski, Ryan C Thomas+Craig Saunders, and Bryan Smith


Four new books should be shipping within the next week or so!

Clown Flesh by Tim Curran.  Limited to just 60 copies.  Sure to sell out fast!

Craw Falls, South Dakota has become a cage. The mother of all blizzards has locked it down. The roads are impassable. Nobody gets in. Nobody gets out.
With the freezing winds and blowing snow has come an apex race of predators. They hide in the shadows. They crawl from the drifts. They use the storm as camouflage to hunt their human prey.
By morning, the town will be a morgue.
Unless one small group of survivors can destroy the monsters in their midst.
Horrors beyond imagining.

Every Kingdom Divided by Stephen Kozeniewski.  Limited to just 52 copies.

2035 A.D. After the 2nd American Revolution.

Jack Pasternak, a laid-back California doctor, receives a garbled distress call from his fiancée in Maryland before her transmissions stop altogether. Unfortunately for Jack, citizens of the Blue States are no longer allowed to cross Red America. He is faced with an impossible choice: ignore his lover’s peril or risk his own life and sanity by venturing into the dark heart of the Red States.

When the armies of the Mexican reconquista come marching into Los Angeles, his hand is forced. Joined by a wisecracking barista with a shocking secret, Jack heads east in an old-fashioned petroleum-fueled automobile.

The journey is a minefield of dangers, as they face partisan warbands, feral Wal-Mart dwellers, and missionaries from the Mormon State of Deseret. But all that is merely a prelude to the final showdown between the politicized armies of the former United States, who are poised to clash mere miles from Jack’s missing fiancée…

Red Ice Run by Ryan C. Thomas and Craig Saunders.  Limited to just 52 copies.

It’s snowing like crazy in Chicago on a bad day for mob brothers Mallory and Kelly. They’re the kind of guys people move aside for, if they know what’s what.

Makes no difference to the brothers what the weather does, though. It’s just another day, just one more body on the floor. At least it was, ’til everyone started gunning for them.

Who’d want to kill them? They’re nice guys.

That ain’t the worst of it, either. It’s not just the mob out for their blood. A giant Viking is trying to take their heads off, which is odd. Throw in a bag full of glowing wood, an Irish sword-wielding hitman, and a junkie femme fatale, and it’s not just a bad day, it’s the worst.

When night falls, though, it’s not only blood staining the snowy city streets. The ice itself is turning red and whatever comes after worst…?

This is definitely that.

Last Day by Bryan Smith.  Limited to just 60 copies.

The last day of the world starts out like any ordinary day. Everything seems normal. Then news breaks of an imminent killer asteroid strike and everything changes forever. With the human race facing sudden extinction, the world descends into chaos. Now that no one has anything to lose, hidden horrors are unearthed and brought to the light. Serial killers and other predators no longer have to hide, indulging their dark appetites without fear of reprisal. The seemingly meek reveal inner monsters and go on killing sprees. The world is engulfed in carnage and blood flows freely in the streets. A few seek to rise above the madness and find a way to do the impossible–survive the end of the world.

4 New Titles Shipping. Jeff Strand, John Urbancik, Matthew Warner, and Matt Serafini

by Jeff Strand

Frank knows that he’s creepy. There’s nothing he can do about it. His creepiness–along with the fact that his father once killed eleven people in an office shooting—has kept him from ever having a girlfriend. When he finally works up the nerve to ask Abigail out on a date, after buying flowers from her every day for the past three months, he’s sure she’ll say no. Maybe she’ll even recoil or spit in his face. But she accepts his invitation. He’s sure it must be a cruel prank. It’s not. These two kind-hearted but weird souls have found each other, and Frank thinks his life is about to change for the better. But this is not a love story. This is a tale of revenge and madness. From the author of PRESSURE, BLISTER, and SICK HOUSE comes Jeff Strand’s darkest novel yet. “BRING HER BACK is like a Jack Ketchum novel packed with dark humor.” – Michael McBride, author of SUBHUMAN

by John Urbancik

In the middle of the night, in the middle of a thunderstorm, he wakes with no memory on a fresh grave, With a bullet hole in his chest. The name on the license in his wallet matches the stone. He doesn’t believe it. But the address on that license is his only clue. One part crime noir, one part horror, one part magic. Pure pulp.

by Matthew Warner

When Thomas Dylan’s young son disappears from their Virginia home, there’s no clue what happened until exactly one year later. That’s when robed men abduct Thomas at the point of an electric cattle prod.

They throw him onto a train, which takes him to a parallel version of Washington, DC. There, criminals hang from monuments. The robed men are from an imperial priesthood that abducts people from our world for sacrifice — and Thomas is next.

After barely escaping, he begins a journey to find his son. This means eluding authorities and navigating a society suffering from horrific diseases. When an Earthling dies here, his body releases energy that cures anyone standing nearby. This is how the priests have maintained their control — by raffling off sacrifices.

If an Earthling lives long enough, however, he’ll develop magical powers. Thomas eventually can cure disease, walk on water, and raise the dead. If anyone can stop the priests, it’s him. But this means deciding whether to find his son or save the world.

“Empire of the Goddess has some of the most exciting beginning chapters I’ve read in a long while, and the pace never lets up from there. Matthew Warner’s considerable horror-writing chops ensure that Empire of the Goddess is an effective and frightening alternate-world nightmare — highly recommended!”
— Norman Prentiss, author of Odd Adventures With Your Other Father and The Apocalypse-a-Day Desk Calendar

by Matt Serafini

It’s a species that has been around for 80 million years. It has over 300 teeth in 25 rows to trap its prey. It has very rarely been found in depths above 160 feet, meaning the frilled shark has never posed a threat to humans. Until now.

The residents of Crystal Key, Florida didn’t think there was anything to worry about. A missing girl with a troubled past was easy to dismiss, but that was only the beginning. When fishermen disappear and two girls are attacked on open water, everyone assumes the culprit is a predator stalking their piece of the Atlantic. But as an offseason hurricane descends, and communications with the mainland are severed, Crystal Key is about to discover that terror doesn’t only come from below.


Hold your breath. Until it’s time to scream.