JUNE: New Books In-stock and Shipping

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Before we get started I wanted to let you know that yes I do have some stuff planned in the future with Brian Keene. However, he is going to dictate the speed and time frames…he has no deadlines with me and I am 100% okay with him taking as long as he needs to heal. When forthcoming projects are ready, I promise you I will make timely announcements.

There are two ways to make an immediate positive impact for Brian.

Contribute to his go fund me:

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Brian: get well soon, my friend!

For June, three books have started shipping.  I have very low quantities remaining.  These should all sell out soon.

What Do Monsters Fear? by Matt Hayward

After waking up one too many times in puddle of his own mess, Peter Laughlin, a thirty-five year old rock musician, has decided to kill himself. However, after catching an advertisement for rehabilitation in the back of a local newspaper, coupled with the fact that his one night stand with old friend Bethany resulted in pregnancy, Peter decides to try and clean up his act. Again. Only this time, things will be different.

At Dawson Rehabilitation, things seem idealistic. Peter quickly befriends Henry Randolph, an alcoholic in his sixties, who, along with Donald Bove, Shelley Matthews, Jamie Peters and a mentally-defunct man named Walter Cartwright, make up the rest of the guests.

Something is wrong at Dawson Rehabilitation.

Peter and Henry don’t trust the center’s councilor, a man named Jerry Fisher. Jerry’s hiding a secret. One ancient and terrible.

Tucked away in the Pennsylvania backwoods, in a remodeled farmhouse once owned by Dr. Harris Dawson himself, Peter finds himself in a fight for his life against Phobos, the great God of fear. To defeat him, Peter will have to set aside his doubts and answer the all important question: What do monsters fear?

Anathema by Kristopher Rufty

Hunter Jensen always dreamed of a big family house in the country. Thanks to the success of his latest novel, he’s finally able to make his dreams a reality in the tranquil town of Hargrave, North Carolina. Life is beautiful until his daughter Crystal tells him about the girl who lives in her closet. Her imaginary friendship is only the first of many disconcerting events that threaten to fracture his dream of country living into a nightmare straight out of his novels. Does an invisible girl truly conjure the sobs that haunt the hallways at night? Is she to blame for the bizarre noises in the darkness? Or has his daughter’s vivid imagination simply crept into his own? As Hunter seeks to uncover the secrets long buried in the town’s shadows, he begins to fear a force more sinister than anything he’s ever imagined is drawing him and his family toward their demise.

The Bedding of Boys by Edward Lorn

This is the third book of the set of five.  Right now it is only available to those who have ordered the first two books. I.e., it is technically sold out.  If you bought the first two books and want to continue the set, please reach out to me at


Regina Corsi is a monster, the vilest of predators. Her desire for young boys is only matched by the bloodlust that overcomes her once the sex is finished. But she’s grown hasty in her hunting. And only a special friend can keep her disturbing appetites a secret.

Nevada Barnes is fourteen, and, emotionally speaking, still very much a child. When his stable home life is thrown into turmoil by an unexpected visitor, he escapes into the arms of an older woman, where he will find his own desire growing stronger each and every day.

In the small town of Bay’s End, Regina and Nevada dive head first into a relationship doomed for disaster, a sex-fueled madness neither will be able to satiate. But Regina’s special friend is impatient and will not be distracted by their constant coupling. It will feed, whether Regina wills it to or not. For the bedding of boys has consequences that reach far beyond the legal ramifications of her actions.

May 2018: JF Gonzalez, Wrath James White, Glenn Rolfe, and Brian Keene News.

Hello all!

Two apologies before we get started.

First, sorry for the lack of newsletters of late. Long story behind the reasons. I won’t bore you with the details. Going forward this newsletter will continue on a primarily monthly schedule.

Second, sorry for the lack of cover images in this newsletter. For some reason I temporarily cannot load images, but I did not want to delay this newsletter getting out as some of these book releases are right around the corner.

All available titles can be found at this link:

New announcement! The limited version of JF Gonzalez and Wrath James White’s Monsters/Animals will be shipping this month. This is Thunderstorm’s first ever “flip” book. One side is Monsters by JF Gonzalez which is signed by Brian Keene (introduction). One side is Animals by JF Gonzalez and Wrath James White which is signed by Wrath James White. Both front covers were illustrated by Chris Enterline. Limited to just 77 “Nightmare Alley” copies.

New announcement!  Also shipping this month.  A Box Full of Monsters by Glenn Rolfe. Black Voltage #87.

What’s in a box full of monsters? Small town horrors from the depths of Jade Lake to the heart of man, bitter cold and set to ruin. The darkness is within us all. Take its hand….
Beware the tentacles and green haze, the lady of the lake, what you might become. There’s something lurking in the waters of Avalon, Maine. You might never be the same.
In the town of Eckert, Wisconsin, seismic underground disturbances have a community on edge. Scientists can’t put a finger on the cause. There is a refrain whispered to those that list: Take them. Bring them. Ascend.
When Li’l Ron meets Sweet Kate beneath Abram’s Bridge, he’s both entranced and frightened. A compulsion to discover her history and her killer will drive him into a small town’s darkest secrets.
Three boys disappear playing a game they call chasing ghosts. They should have stayed away from the old Cobb house. At the edge of town, all hell is going to break loose.

This edition is limited to 52 signed copies. It is signed by Glenn Rolfe and four authors who each provided an introduction to one of the novellas: Ronald Malfi, Kristopher Rufty, Michelle Garza, and Michael Patrick Hicks.

One last note. White Fire by Brian Keene, which sold out on April 1st after a 48 hour preorder window, is also scheduled to ship this month.

More book announcements coming soon. See you next month!

#13. Last Day to pre-order the limited edition of White Fire by Brian Keene.

In case you missed yesterday’s announcement, this book will no longer be available after 5:30 pm AZ time tonight (4/1/18).

#12. Special Saturday Post. New Brian Keene title only available Sat and Sun

by Brian Keene

In this new expanded, revised edition of WHITE FIRE, a devastating new sickness sweeps the land, but is it biological or supernatural in nature? One person races against time to discover the truth, facing off against a foe who may not be human. Previously out of print and never before available as a stand-alone, this new edition of WHITE FIRE has been revised and expanded, and is considered the Author’s Preferred Version.

A couple of notes about this edition:

  1. Although this is part of Thunderstorm’s Black Voltage line, this work is novella length and comes in at 118 oversized pages.  I.e., it is slimmer than a typical BV book.
  2. The pre-order period for this title is 48 hours long.  It will be available for pre-order 5:30 pm AZ time on Friday 3/30 and be sold out 5:30 pm AZ time on Sunday 4/1.
  3.  Given the short pre-order window and details of this edition, it has the potential to be one of the rarest Brian Keene limiteds.  The limitation will be set based on the number of pre-orders in the ordering window.
  4. The book is expected to ship late May/early June.
  5. The default shipping method for US customers is media mail, which typically has a one to three week delivery time.  If you would like to choose a different shipping method, please email me directly at to make special arrangements.



#11. New Book up for pre-order. Sick House by Jeff Strand (BV#85)

This one is sure to sell out lightning fast.  Do not delay in getting your order placed.  Only 64 copies.

by Jeff Strand

It’s a home invasion from beyond the grave in this novel of unrelenting terror from the Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of PRESSURE, DWELLER, and WOLF HUNT.

It doesn’t seem like the perfect house, but screw it, it’s good enough to rent for a year. Unfortunately for Boyd, Adeline, and their two young daughters, it’s immediately clear that they chose the wrong place.

The nightmare begins with violent coughs and headaches. Food starts to rot almost as soon as they take it inside. A pet tarantula goes missing. Some family members begin to exhibit creepy behavior.

Then the ghosts arrive, and all Hell breaks loose…