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Acclaimed author Mary SanGiovanni presents A Weirdish Wild Space, a collection of non-fiction essays about horror in fiction, cinema, art, and video games as well as essays about being a writer, a mother, a lover, a daughter, and a sister. In addition to historical essays about the publishing business are also remembrances of friends and mentors, women’s changing roles as creators of horror media, academic analyses of the craft, and more. A must-have addition to collector’s of Mary SanGiovanni’s work, this volume is raw and vulnerable, an earnest and endearing look inside the mind and heart of the creative mind.

$50 signed limited edition hardcover.

OPEN FOR PRE-ORDERS! This books should start shipping in mid-June.

Today is the last day to order Return to the Lost Level by Brian Keene


by Brian Keene

War has come in this sequel to the best-selling novel THE LOST LEVEL. The snake-like Anunnaki have always been a blight for the people living in the hidden dimension known as the Lost Level, but now, the denizens are fighting back. After their community is decimated and their loved ones are enslaved in the aftermath of a devastating Anunnaki attack, Aaron Pace leads a diverse group of warriors — including the bowwoman Tolia, the mighty Karenk, a baby Triceratops, and a time-displaced Ambrose Bierce — on a trek through primordial jungles, dark forests, and a sun-blasted desert while battling pterodactyls, man-eating worms, and other dangers. Can their small band lay siege to the Anunnaki city and rescue their friends, or will they suffer the same cruel fate so many others have before them? Find out in Brian Keene’s RETURN TO THE LOST LEVEL. (Includes a bonus short story!)

Note to collectors: In order to match numbers from book 1, your order must be completed by 4/16/17.

Return to the Lost Level is scheduled to start shipping in May 2017.

Also, if you missed out on the limited edition of the first book and would like to get on-board with this series, I have a very small handful of numbered editions left over. Email me at if interested.

Return to the Lost Level by Brian Keene Now up for PRE-ORDER!

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Limited editions from Aaron Dries and David Bernstein in-stock and shipping!


After taking most of January off, it is good to be back!  Thunderstorm Books is proud to present its first two limited editions of 2017.

The Unhinged
by David Bernstein

Limited to 52 copies.  Black Voltage #66

After spending six years behind bars for his part in an armed robbery, Aaron Dupree is released on parole. He’s a changed man, has a job, and a new love interest. Things are going well for him until he is pulled over for speeding. The officer offers Aaron a choice. He can either go back to prison for violating parole, or agree to do things for the cop. Without hesitation, Aaron jumps at the chance to avoid being locked up again.

Aaron soon finds himself under the cop’s thumb and caught in a web of madness. As the level of horror rises, he doesn’t think things can get any worse until he meets the man with the scar, a vile and malevolent individual who only lives to deal pain and punishment.

The Fallen Boys
by Aaron Dries

Limited to 52 copies.  Black Voltage #67

Marshall’s young son committed suicide four years ago. Where there was once the boy he loved, now there is a coffin, the stillness of the bedroom, an empty pet cage. Day by day, Marshall’s agony corrodes, destroying his marriage and chewing through all the ambitions that defined him for so long. A once strong man is without purpose—until the day he goes through his son’s old belongings and finds a teddy bear, the one with the slit in the seam. A thumb-drive tumbles from the stuffing and hits the floor. On it is a document. These ten seethingpages change everything. They give Marshall a purpose again. He is going to hunt down the people who drove his son to suicide, and in doing so, fall into a madman’s trap over a decade in the making.

THE FALLEN BOYS is an explosive novel of psychological horror from the award-winning author of House of Sighs and A Place for Sinners. It is not for the faint of heart.

This newly revised edition also includes exclusive bonus material.