A Little Sorrowed Talk by Brian Keene

Posted by Thunderstorm Books on July 11, 2019

Hello all,

Today, I am announcing a new collection by Brian Keene titled A Little Sorrowed Talk.  This book is going to be published a bit differently than previous Thunderstorm Books editions.  It is going to be available in two states.  One is a signed limited edition hardcover done in typical Thunderstorm fashion.  The other is a signed limited edition softcover, which if you are old school like me, you may remember their popularity back in day.  Well, they are back.

I want to talk a bit about the softcover first.  Hardcover fans can scroll down to the cover (which also serves as the ordering link).

The signed paperback edition is going to be released exclusively through Nightworms along with Tales from the Shadow Side by Jonathan Janz.  The details for these are going to be posted on 7/15 via the Nightworms site.


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Again, Thunderstorm Books is not going to sell these direct.  All orders should go through Nightworms.  (The only exception to this is for paperback lifetime subscribers, special arrangements have been made so your copies will be set aside for you).

If you want to see some behind the scenes stuff, check out a video Brian Keene posted.  He shows the signature sheets for A Little Sorrowed Talk paperback edition while explaining the signature sheet process.

In addition to the exciting news of bringing back some signed softcover editions, Thunderstorm is going to publish a limited supply of signed limited hardcover editions produced in the Nightmare Alley line.  There are only going to be 150 numbered editions at $50 each.  Click on the cover image to get your pre-order copy reserved today.  These books are expected to ship in September.

by Brian Keene

Grandmaster Award-winner Brian Keene’s newest short story collection examines happiness and grief, love and hate, youth and age, and the darkness thriving in the gulf between them. A criminal decides to kill himself by getting healthy. The survivors of the zombie apocalypse find out there’s something worse than being dead or living dead. An author’s meta-fictional story brings disastrous results. A father discovers that the space between him and his child may be otherworldly. An antediluvian barbarian and a modern-day ex-Amish occultist face off against the same enemy. Your dreams. Your fears. Your hopes. Your regrets. In the hands of Brian Keene, all of them are just… A LITTLE SORROWED TALK.